Thursday, October 27, 2011

Difference between vShield Edge and vShield App - Its important to know

I was going through the articles of vShield products and I want to share about vShield Edge and vSheild App, both are providing security services, both are providing firewall services. But how does it differ?. Here is difference between them and it’s interesting.

vShield Edge:-
1 The vShield Edge firewall provides protection for incoming and outgoing sessions at the perimeter of the virtual datacenter.

2 The vShield Edge firewall can only filter traffic that is flowing between different tenants. If virtual machines belonging to the same tenant communicate with each other, vShield Edge is not able to filter that traffic.

3. Basically at Port group or Vlan level.

vShield App:-
1.The vShield App firewall provides protection for communication between systems within the virtual datacenter.

2. To protect communications between virtual machines within the same tenant, you must use the vShield App firewall.

3. Basically at Virtual Machine Nic level.

I am installing the security product of VMware; next blog comes up with update on the experience on VMware vShield product.

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