Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vmware vSphere Network Performance troubleshooting tips

There are lot of contributing factor for virtual machine performance issue and was looking at all the factors affecting the virtual machine performance, one of them which comes here with major share is to be networking and though of sharing few tips, which were useful for my troubleshooting and will help others also..

1. Verify that virtual machines are installed with the latest version of VMware tools

2. VMware recommends using multiple NICs on the associated virtual switch to increase the overall network capacity, for port groups that contain many virtual machines or several virtual machines that are very active on the network

3. Verify the speed and duplex settings of the installed network adapters

4. Verify that the port group and virtual switch are not configured for promiscuous mode
Note :- Promiscuous mode is disabled by default, should not be turned on unless specifically needed.

5. verify the integrity of the physical network adapters

6. Verify that your host is not overloaded. networking relies on available processor resources. If the CPUs on the host are beign used at capacity, network performance suffers.

7. Verify that you have chosen the appropriate network driver for your virtual machine based on your needs.
- Choosing Network Adapter for your VM -

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