Thursday, November 10, 2011


VMware Go - A Cloud based applicaiton and web based application aviable on internet and its free web app created by Shavlik, any one can use it.

its idea for SMBs - not for enterprise

What does VMware GO do? -
It allows us to find a potential servers already in the infrastructure compatible in the environment - guides to download ESXi - creating a CD or DVD of ESXi - Installing ESXI- configuring ESXi- Create P2V with VMware GO - Create virtual Machine with VMware GO- you can even download ready to go virtual appliance from the VMware infrastructure- manage the virtual machine- run remote consoles-generate some basic report-check VMs and ESXI servers.

Its ideal for those who are new to VMware

For quick start on how to work with VMware go watch the below trainsignal video for free and its really good to new starters.

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